One Voice.One Mission. will include Technology

Recently, Transition New Orleans Task Forces presented recommendations to Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu. The 17 Task Forces created solutions that adopted principles based around innovation, sustainability and accountability. With many of the recommendations, New Orleans new understanding of the importance of incorporating technology in the new vision for the city is evident.

The Cultural Economy Task Force was asked to create an environment that allows for the growth of the cultural economy and cultural industries. Among their recommendations two spoke to adopting innovation to enhance our cultural economy.  The cultural economy not only includes entertainment and culinary arts but design and new media. 

The Task Force would like for the new administration to work to integrate the creative workforce across industries for innovation and 21st century economic development. This would include bolstering infrastructure that supports cultural economic development and creative production.  This allows for more opportunities to integrate different technology educational opportunities and careers in New Orleans.

The Youth and Families Task Force was given the task of creating ways for the incoming administration to engage our city’s youth and families to promote equity, expand opportunities, and develop healthy families and communities.  One recommendation presented looked to the new administration to develop ways to use public spaces including schools and recreation facilities to build community and to provide children, youth and families with safe places to play and learn. This could provide opportunities for individuals in the technology community to go throughout the city and create programming at recreation facilities to teach kids and families tech tools.  A great an example of this type of programming is The Social Project, which has developed programs in the community to teach basic and advanced computer classes to individuals in the specified neighborhoods.
The City Contracting Task Force was given the task to create recommendations on general city contracting and Disadvantage Business Enterprise policies.  Of the recommendations, the Task Force is asking the new administration to create a user friendly city contracts website.  This is a great idea to create more information and interaction for citizens through the contracted city services.

Two favored recommendation came from the Customer Service Task Force. This committee was asked to create best practices, innovations and professional development opportunities to create a rewarding culture of public service in City Hall.  One recommendation created was the update, expand and streamline of the City of New Orleans website. This gives our city an opportunity to create a state of the art website that is not only user friendly, but make interaction with City Hall easier and more efficient.  There are many opportunities for the new administration to create a website that not only brings City Hall to the citizens but create an arena for citizens to interact online with each department.  It would also be great to see the city utilize social media to get more information out to the citizens as well as present videos from different departments on their efforts monthly.

Another great recommendation by Customer Service Task Force is to test, implement and rebrand a new “311 type” management system. 311 is a non-emergency information system for the city services of New Orleans, which is a one call system that provides information or accepts inquiries about city services. This could provide an opportunity for the new administration to create a state of the art system that connects technology, city hall representatives and citizens in new ways.

So many great ideas were recommended to Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu from issues spanning from Social Innovation to Criminal Justice. I have high hopes he will implement many of the ideas represented and incorporate technology throughout City Hall. The hard working efforts of the transition team are apparent in their solutions to old problems through innovation, sustainability and accountability.  Let’s all continue to do our part to increase the technology community in New Orleans and voice the issues and solutions to aid the one voice, one mission of the City of New Orleans.

For the complete report on all recommendations by the Task Forces, check out Transition New Orleans

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