Technology Community Defines Collaboration

Technology Community Defines Collaboration
Collaboration and Innovation runs hand and hand in the City of New Orleans. The technology community has made a point to show this city how to properly use collaboration through incorporating innovation, service, and resources in New Orleans. These communities has taken startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coders, web designers, and other lovers of technology and helped nurture and grow Post Katrina New Orleans.
Technology Community Grows Everyday
Since 2005, the technology community has created many new organizations, giving voices to a diverse group of individuals with like-minds. Some of the organizations included are NetSquared New Orleans, Social Media Club, GNOcode, RubyBayou, NewOrleansTech.Net, Evacuteer, NolaBroadSquad, and many others. The brain organization for many of the start- ups of these technology groups was NetSquared New Orleans. Net2No is a group of technology enthusiasts who get together on the first Tuesday of every month to network, share ideas, and help create social change in New Orleans.  Through this organization many individuals have connected to collaborate on projects, events and much more. Each meeting brings together over 70 individuals passionate about New Orleans and technology.  Through Net2No’s encouragement, many organizations where instantly given the resources and community to build new organizations.
Power of Collaboration
One of the best examples of collaboration in the technology community in New Orleans was BarCamp Nola.  Barcamp was an event that happened on July 17-19, where individuals came together to share and learn in an open environment. Everyone was given opportunities to share presentations in areas of interest and expertise. It was a great event where attendees presented and actually took some new knowledge from all of their peers.  Such topics covered were SMS mobile marketing, web entrepreneurship, Importance of mobile web, I-phone photography, Introduction to Ruby and many more.  This is event proved the power of working together. There was one goal to learn from each other.
In the last day of the event, Tech professionals came together to build a website to honor the volunteers for the New Orleans Public Schools. Nola School Volunteers was a website created by BarCamp Nola attended in one day, featuring such things as a page to locate all the volunteers of the school system and much more. The technology community has taken an active role in helping the non-profit community by lending their talents to many organizations throughout the city.
Resource-Enabled Community
Within the technology community a great emphasis has been put on resources. Creating and sharing resources has been a mission.  Throughout the city, there are classes being offered and co-working opportunities found every day.  Organizations like the Louisiana Technology Council have done a great job to help technology entrepreneurs with workshops on web designing through wordpress as well as Social Media. Other organizations taking an active role in learning is Social Media Club, with roundtable discussions about social media and the hospitality industry and creative licensing. All around New Orleans, you can find other unique activities that help all those interested in news skills.
Technology Community Powers Co-Working
Another major wave taken place in New Orleans is co-working. All over the city, co-working opportunities or popping up, where individuals are coming together to complete work, share ideas, and collaborate. One of the leaders of this movement Chris Schultz, with his innovative business, LaunchPad provides co-working spaces downtown.  While in Mid-City, co-working space can be found at Corporate Project Management Business center run by Reuben DeTiege, III.  Besides the organized co-working, throughout the city at places such as the neighborhood coffee shop you will see many individuals coming together to get work done.
Collaboration no matter the industry has always been the key to expanding knowledge and access to resources. In New Orleans, the technology community has done a great job of taking this technique and creating a booming society. A society that allows individuals to learn from each other, work with each other, and create a better New Orleans one day at a time. New Orleans as a whole should take a lesson from this community and begin initiating this willingness to learning and sharing into its everyday activities.

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