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SWOT Data Analysis

Before building your data quality plan, a great tool to prep is a SWOT Data Analysis. It is used in the business world to assist and assess agencies to aid in decision making. SWOT analysis is a framework that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your external and internal view of data management. This tool is all about thinking through possible factors that can affect your data negatively and positively. Here we will

2020 The Year of Reading

2020 was a crazy year! But we all made it through! A big part of what helped me in 2020 was reading! For the first time in many years, I had time to dedicate to stillness and reading. It was great to have the opportunity to get back to one of the things that have opened my mind further! Below I want to share some of my favorites books of the 100 I read! There

Data Collection & COVID-19:

*Presentation from Data Collection & COVID-19: Learning from the Field Webinar for National Alliance to End Homelessness These are stressful times not only for the clients but for our case managers and HMIS and data teams who are not only working with the community but also caring for their families and in many cases being affected directly by COVID themselves. Making such rapid changing decisions during a crisis is big work and can be frustrating.

Advancing The Careers of Technical Women Austin Conference

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the ACT W Conference in Austin! ACT W which stands for Advancing The Careers of Technical Women sponsored by a great organization, ChickTech. The conference works to build skills, grow the community and accelerate career paths of women. This conference does just that!

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