Data Management


Once data is defined it’s key to define what monitoring looks like for your organization. Monitoring all data activities can ensure data quality standards are being followed. In many cases, this will include monthly data quality reports, reviews of duplications, and more. Organizations should develop a plan that will work for the community based on time and efficiency as well as the goals.

Example: HMIS Data Quality Reports will be sent out monthly to each service provider.

Compliance and Enforcement

Another piece of monitoring is compliance and enforcement. Data compliance is the practice of making sure agencies are meeting all regulations with the data quality. Programs must be monitored to follow the goals and standards set by the community. Compliance protects the data and its quality. Compliance leads to enforcement needs, in which consequences are set for actions not followed by individuals or agencies. 

Example: HMIS Data Quality Reports will be sent out monthly to each service provider. Programs not meeting goals will be sent to Corrective Action Plans to work with the HMIS Team to rectify all issues.

Example: Potential Questions for Corrective Action Plans:

  • Do the agency and end-users have a copy of the latest Data Quality Plan?
  • Do the agency and end-users have a data collection form and/or protocol that captures all data elements?
  • Are agencies and end-users capturing universal data on all required data elements?
  • Do the agency and end-users follow timeliness requirements for each client?
  • All end users have been trained on new data standards and policies?
  • Is the program meeting the data quality requirements for accuracy, completeness, and consistency?

Data Quality plans layout guidelines that are necessary to help us interpret data. The systems you are using should be reliable. The data quality plan is to aid in testing and maintaining the system created by your community. 

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